A dental implant is used to replace missing teeth. Implants are integrated with the jawbone because they provide a prosthetic tooth root as well as a replacement for the visible surfaces of the tooth. As permanent replacements, implants do not have to be removed for cleaning, and they will help maintain the long-term health of the bones in your jaw.

Many people prefer dental implants to dentures because of their permanence and because they help stimulate growth in the jawbone. After wearing dentures for many years, people often experience such significant bone loss in the jaw that the shape of their face changes. This often requires dentures to be retooled or completely remade to accommodate the changes.

With dental implants, the shape and contours of the jawbones and the face will be maintained. As you chew, the root portion of the implant stimulates growth in the jawbone preventing the break down of bone tissue.

Also, having the root implanted directly into the jawbone means that dental implants do not move in the mouth the way dentures do. They are more comfortable in that they feel just like your natural teeth, and there is no adjustment period to get used to the extra bulk in the mouth as there is with dentures. Dental implants provide you with a natural-looking smile. Your brushing and cleaning regimen is similar to that used with your natural teeth, and there is no need for denture cleaners or adhesives.

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