“Dr. Ornstein, thanks so much for taking great care of my wife Kathy this morning, taking out a problem tooth & inserting an implant. Kathy had a great experience at your Frisco office, your staff was so pleasant to deal with, thanks for personally taking the time to speak with both of us this morning….your the best!”

Mark D

“Dr Ornstein and her entire staff are professional, yet friendly and soothing…a great quality if you get a little nervous about surgery! The office runs on time so you don’t have to wait forever before going in to see the doctor.

Her surgical suite has high-tech equipment and her medical skills are exceptional. She employs terrific surgical nurses to assist in procedures; Megan and Amanda were wonderful.

Dr Ornstein operated on me to remove a hard, mysterious lump adjacent to my jaw and explained that it was an immune system reaction to a foreign body in my cheek/gum tissue. It had been brewing for over 30 years–since my wisdom teeth were removed ages ago. She went the extra mile & investigated the nearby wisdom-tooth-socket and found more ‘foreign material’. She cleared the area to prevent additional erosion of the mandible. Some surgeons wouldn’t have done that, which means I could have been in for more oral surgery to finish removing all the unwelcome tissue and to place a bone graft into my potholed-jaw.

Dr Ornstein explained everything before and after. I felt 100% confident in her abilities and would highly recommend her to everyone. She is definitely a “TOP DOC”!”

Maureen S

“Dr. Ornstein, excellent, excellent, excellent. Entire experience, professional in every regard. Recommend highly”

Lloyd Z

“I was in deep trouble. After years of adjustments to my dentures, my dentist said he could do no more. Eating was difficult. Biting into a sandwich was a challenge for lack of proper suction even though I was keeping the dental adhesive people in business.

The first Oral Surgeon I saw said I needed 14 – 16 implants plus bone grafts. I read and researched on the Internet in search of an alternative. I questioned friends who had implants for advice and the names of their doctors. I consulted with 3 different doctors before selecting Dr. Ornstein to perform the bone graft surgery and to place the 10 implants I needed.

I could not be more pleased with the results. Dr Ornstein and her staff were kind, considerate and instrument in working with my insurance company through the appeals process to help with the cost of the bone grafts. I can now eat those big fat sandwiches I love and just about anything else. My speech and smile are no longer contrived. I am very pleased with the end result.

I recommend Dr Ornstein to anyone and everyone who will listen.”

Sandra R

“I have been a patient of Dr Ornstein for the last two years. When I first started seeing her, I was wearing upper and lower partials for over 8 years with some upper and lower teeth. Well over time my existing teeth were decaying and needing attention. Dr Ornstein recommended the Bar Attachment Denture as a possible solution. In order to have this surgery I needed to get my High Blood Pressure under control. I started eating better and reduced my weight from 250 to 190 lbs and started taking High Blood Pressure medicine. Thank you Dr. Ornstein, I am happier and healthier for knowing you and I have a great smile to go along with it.

The Bar Attachment Denture process has been life changing for me, I no longer worry about my smile and what people will think of me and my partials not really fitting and having to hide my teeth. The surgery was a very pleasant experience and was very successful. I ended up not having to take the pain medication Dr. Ornstein prescribed to me; instead I was able to get by on two tablets of Ibuprofen every 6 hours for 2 days. The Bar Attachment Denture has been very comfortable in my mouth and easy to keep clean. I would highly recommend Dr Ornstein and her staff for any oral or cosmetic surgery.”

James O

“Dr. Ornstein performed tooth implant surgery on me. Prior to the implant I needed bone graft surgery as well. During the more than 8 months that I consistently met with her, I found her to be informative, professional and compassionate. She did a great job and both surgeries were very successful. Everything Dr Ornstein told me to expect was accurate. If I every need other oral surgeries, Dr Ornstein will definitely be my doctor.”

Lori F