In planning our Frisco, Texas facility we decided upon the most advanced panoramic imaging system we could find and selected Instrumentarium’s Dental’s Orthopantomograph OP200 with volumetric tomography (VT).  The system is the most advanced and comprehensive cross-sectional imaging system currently available and provides highly precise information perfectly suited for three-dimensional implant planning.  VT provides a continuously viewable stack of 256 cross-sectional slices. Each slice has a minimum thickness of 0.23 mm.  The VT system has a slice navigator that shows the exact position of the cross-sectional slice in real time.

Instrumentarium Dental’s image reconstruction method, using the standard panoramic sensor and narrow X-ray beam, has been proven to give better image quality than other known reconstruction methods.  Cliniview software enables highly accurate measurement for implant planning, and includes implant libraries from various implant manufacturers to facilitate selection of the correct implant for treatment. 

Also important to the process is the valuable input of our referring dentists.   Teamwork between the surgeon and the referring dentist is an essential ingredient in a successful outcome.  It ensures that the implant planning process is restorative driven.  We can set the patient up ideally for restorative work that will follow the procedure done in our office, which is a great benefit to the final outcome. 

A special scanner also allows us to design custom abutments and offer more advance procedures than most  offices, including teeth in a day.  We work closely with prosthodontists, as well, to offer a broad range of treatment options.

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